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Wireless Broadband Networks

Mesh Wide Area Networks

Enable applications that generate revenue and create effective cost-savings with robust mesh networks. Perfect for wide-area broadband access networks for public safety or private use.

Wireless LAN

Get the WLAN you need with less hardware to buy with our broad selection of access points and flexible network configurations. Let us show you the less complicated, less expensive way to more capacity, more agility, and more satisfied users.

One Point Wireless

A suite of software solutions that will enable you to easily design, deploy and manage your network. Unified software solutions create a map-based visualization so you can see every network node at its location and manage it from a single screen.


Outdoor Wireless Broadband Systems

A complete range of powerful, versatile, and reliable outdoor wireless broadband systems for specialized point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications, including high-capacity backhaul, video surveillance, data acquisition, business access, and private networks.

Packet backhauls

Packet microwave and packet convergence backhaul solutions hold the key to unleashing true broadband with the capacity, flexibility and cost-efficiency needed for a smooth evolution to high-capacity packet networks.

LS Cable and systems

Power cables, booth ducts, a variety of cables and rubber lines which are the means of transport for light, electricity, optical cables that enable the multimedia age, and the world’s larges optical fiber pre-form coaxial systems that advance the wireless information age.

Mobile Valued Added Services

Mobile communication software solutions that aim to provide personal and professional users with true, ubiquitous computing on a single screen on any mobile phone or laptop.